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What is Criminology and why is your professional future so promising

Who has never dreamed of solving a crime? Investigate, collect and analyze evidence and evidence; study the criminal; visit the scene...

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Academic gap in the pandemic: female teachers fattened their curricula less...

Women, already generally with lower salaries and work status, have been the worst affected by confinement and the academic world has been no exception....

The hours (university teachers)

A critical issue, these days, is the mobilization of temporary staff hired by public administrations, especially with labor relations of more than three years....

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Twelve parental vetoes: long live ignorance

Members of the Hazteoír association distributed brochures on the parental veto at the door of the Miguel Hernández de Leganés Public School in February...

An open and empty school

It's eleven o'clock in the morning on March 8, a Monday. The teachers of the school PO´PHOTO GALLERY | Classes without students,...

The Government will allocate 850 million to certify professional skills until 2024

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, in the Senate.David Fernández / EFEThe Ministry of Education and Vocational Training wants to accelerate the recognition of...

The 12 warriors who fight for the Greek subject to survive

Professor Encarnación Yáñez told her only 12 Greek students that they were surely the last group to receive the subject at her center, the...

For a new law for the University that Spain needs

Students on the campus of the University of Santiago de Compostela, this March.OSCAR CORRAL / EL PAÍSThe development model we must address is the...

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