Home National 5 injured in clash between two sides in Sirajganj

5 injured in clash between two sides in Sirajganj

5 injured in clash between

At least five people are injured in clashes between the 2 sides over dominance in Sirajganj. 3 more people are arrested during this incident.

Police said on Sunday (January 10th) that a scuffle broke out between Jahangir Alam Bhutto, a councilor candidate in Ward 14 of the municipal area in Malshapara area of the town , and Abul Hashem, a former councilor, over his election speech.

At one point, tensions between supporters on each side escalated into clashes. a minimum of 5 people from each side were injured.

Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot and brought things in check and rescued the injured and admitted them to the Sadar General Hospital. Police have arrested 3 people during this incident.


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