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“I am afraid that the students I have to go with will not accept me,” explains Noah, an 11-year-old trans boy who will start high school next year in the Castellón municipality of Vila-real. Roger Pardo and Gloria Castellanos, his parents, now assure him that he is happy at his school because he has known his classmates since childhood. They know Noah very well, they have seen his evolution and they realized that he was not just another girl. Gloria remembers when her son began to verbalize his feelings: “Mom, why am I not a boy? Why did you have to make me a girl? ”, He remembers telling her when he was only six years old.

The feeling that Noa’s felt sex did not match the one assigned when she was born took root in them. “Had a look totally different from her old companions and it was becoming more and more noticeable. Within his shyness, he had things very clear and has been daring with the appearance more and more. They invited him in 2nd grade to a communion and a cousin of his left us a dress because she didn’t know what to wear [toda su ropa era más informal y deportiva] and when he got dressed we saw that it wasn’t Noah. It’s the last day she put on a dress, ”her parents testify.

“We have always let the times mark them. See everything that implies [ser una persona trans] and give him information, but he is the one who has to make the decisions, ”says his father. The three together, with the help of family, teachers and friends, have begun the transition towards the felt gender at the pace set by the minor. So, in full debate of the draft of what is known as ley transRoger wrote to the newspaper to tell of his experience and to be able to contribute “our grain of sand”, he says. Because you think there is too much negative news about people trans and that can make your child feel like a weirdo. “And it’s not like that, his mother and I want him to have the same opportunities as everyone else. May I be happy ”, emphasizes Roger.

The Gender Unit of the Hospital Doctor Peset de València began six months ago to treat him with hormonal inhibitors because the minor was approaching puberty and the development implicit in his birth sex had to be stopped. He has been with an injection every three months since June and everything is fine, except for a heat rush. At her school, CEIP Angelina Abad, from Vila-real, continues to go to the girls ‘bathrooms, but enters the boys’ bathrooms when she is in a place where she is not known. “He is cool when someone spontaneously indicates the boys’ bathroom,” clarifies his mother. The clothes are bought in the boys section.

Noah likes law series, soccer, paddle tennis, and dancing, especially hip hop. He has given piano, guitar and drawing classes and now he can’t stop thinking about his admission to the next course at the institute to start ESO. He does not remember a bad gesture towards him at his school. “I spoke once in class to tell my classmates that I was using inhibitors and what my situation was,” explains Noah, who feels “very happy” with the treatment. “At school they know that I am a boy and they have always respected me. I just told them that I wanted to go down that path and that I hadn’t decided to change my name yet. I have to think about it more ”, he points out.

Antonio Asensi has been the guardian of the minor since the 5th grade of Primary and has taken care, together with his parents and the school management, to implement the intervention and support Plan in the treatment of gender identity, gender expression and intersexuality, in force in the Valencian Community, which since 2017 has had a ley trans. His parents informed the school that Noah had started the hormonal block. “From there is when Noah begins to confirm his gender identity and the whole accompaniment process begins,” Asensi extends. The teacher was trained in record time – he gave a course under the guidance of the LGTBi Lambda association-, and took advantage of the school project related to the human body to introduce the subject and have the child talk about their situation in class. “For Noah it was a great relief, he needed to step up and tell it in front of everyone, and I remember being very moved. He is very reserved and his words come out in a trickle ”, recalls the tutor.

During these classes, the students, by the hand of Asensi, discovered that there are different genders to the masculine and feminine cis [persona cuya identidad de género coincide con el sexo asignado al nacer]. “I have become more aware of the trans community and, although it is pedantic, I correct the people around me a lot. Each person is a world, ”he says. The teacher defends the existence of intervention and support plans for all students from an early age. “The center is aware, it is very inclusive, and it knows that any person, whatever their condition, should be accommodated in classrooms”, warns the teacher.

Noah has not yet taken the step to be referred to in masculine. “It’s hard for me to change,” acknowledges the boy, “but when I go down the street and they don’t know who I am, I like them to think I’m a boy and refer to me in masculine terms. To those who know me, I am ashamed to tell them to change ”. As his guardian points out, Noah has a funeral pending and mourning: “We must say goodbye to the person who has ceased to exist and welcome the boy Noah.”


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