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A getaway to a rural house, a plane trip or an area without coverage can cause the worst nightmare for a user: going offline on their mobile. In most situations, a phone without internet access, or when it is very limited, can seem like an almost useless device; But this is not so. Did you know that there are many applications that include a mode off-line so that they can be used? We are going to review, below, a selection of the most outstanding ones.

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GPS navigation

Being without an internet connection while driving in an unfamiliar area can turn into a real drama. For this reason, it is convenient to use (or have in the bedroom), GPS navigation applications that allow the previous download of the maps. The main advantage of this possibility is that you can navigate from one point to another without data, but the disadvantage is that you will not have traffic information or possible incidents on the road.

Google Maps, the queen application of geolocation on the mobile, allows the downloading of map areas for use without an internet connection. This application updates the downloaded area every 15 days automatically if the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network, so that the most current version is always available.

To download the maps, just open the mobile app and click on the user icon and then on Offline maps; then, the system will offer by. default the possibility of downloading maps near our work or place of residence.

The main advantage of this function is that Google Maps also allows you to download areas that will be visited in the future (for example, a trip to Lisbon), so that one can not worry about the lack of internet connection at the destination.


Music in streaming It has completely transformed the use of the mobile phone and the advantages of accessing it without an internet connection are much more evident. Why? For a mere matter of data consumption: a song on Spotify can take about 2 MB of the data plan – or 40 MB per hour, approximately – and depending on the use that is given, it can be expensive for the user.

Spotify offers its subscribers to a paid plan the ability to download the music they want. The main utility is that you can download the playlists, also the selected albums, and of course, the podcasts. The platform also allows you to configure the quality of the download, something to take into account if our mobile device is short of space.

To download the music, just enter the application from the phone and select the list, album or podcast to download; once in them, it must press down arrow which will start the download. Logically, the mobile must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, although Spotify offers the possibility of downloading using mobile data (a function that is deactivated by default). As we have pointed out, it is necessary to be subscribed to the Premium plan to use the downloads.


One of the moments in which one most misses a good internet connection is, without a doubt, when it comes to watching a favorite movie or series. It is no longer a question of having or not having internet access: if the connection is not good, the experience will not be the same. This is the reason why being able to previously download an episode or video to be played is essential when we go on a trip. The main video platforms in streaming (Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO, among others), allow content to be downloaded for offline enjoyment. But one of the main video consumption media is not always taken into account: YouTube.

The platform belonging to Google is visited every month by more than 2 billion users all over the world and not everyone knows that their videos can be downloaded in advance in their paid version. YouTube Premium allows you to obtain the desired videos in high quality, as well as eliminating the insertion of ads and the possibility of playing the videos in the background. If instead of Netflix or similar, we spend more time watching content on YouTube, the option of subscribing to the paid version and downloading the content for when there is no internet access can be considered.

To download videos on YouTube, once you have contracted the Premium service, just click on the icon at the bottom of the application (or the three dots on the iPhone). The videos will appear in the Library / Downloads section of the mobile application. Once the videos are enjoyed, they can be deleted and the download quality can also be configured. The downside of this feature is that it is not possible to view comments or like a downloaded video.

Web page navigation

Music, maps, videos, but … Can’t you enjoy web pages without an internet connection? The good news is that yes, it is possible to visit previously downloaded web pages thanks to the reader managers. These applications allow you to store the content that the user finds on the web for later reading. The great advantage is that, in addition to helping us store content of interest, they download it to the device for a visit when we have more time.

The cross-platform application Pocket allows precisely this: to send the hyperlink of a web page of interest so that it can download its content so that we can read it offline later. Another notable utility of this tool is that it purifies the webs to offer a more relaxed reading (eliminating ads and social buttons). Those who opt for the paid version will be able to add tags to the content and enjoy advanced search functions, as well as a voice system that reads the article for us.

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