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The moment of recovery: the five ‘subjects’ that SMEs should know | Radar SME | Technology


What are the risks of internationalization? How to attract young talent? What alternative ways of financing does the market offer? In recent weeks, Radar Pyme, the joint initiative of Retina and Santander to analyze the challenges of small and medium-sized companies in the new economic environment, has answered these questions in five digital meetings. With the moderation of Jaime García Cantero, content director of Foro Retina, different experts from all fields have reviewed the ‘subjects’ in which SMEs are risking their growth.

A transversal axis runs through all the encounters: digitization as an essential condition to prosper in the new environment. That was precisely the subject of the first talk, while the last one dealt with sustainability, the other major area of ​​investment for EU funds for recovery, in which Spain relies much of its hopes for economic growth for the next few years. Between these two talks, the experts convened by Retina and Santander also analyzed the alternative financing alternatives and impact for SMEs, training and attracting talent and the challenges of internationalization.

Do not miss the videos of the five Radar Pyme meetings.

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