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The number of students confined in the last two weeks in Catalonia falls by half


The number of students confined by covid in Catalan schools has dropped by half in two weeks. The Department of Education has notified 10,147 students this Wednesday that they cannot go to class, 45% less than two weeks ago (18,297). The fall in cases in educational centers has been maintained for a month, when the 30,000 students who could not go to school were exceeded. The affected schoolchildren currently represent 0.70% of all Catalan students, according to the data collected by the application Trazacovid, which can be consulted on the website of the Generalitat.

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There are currently three centers closed due to coronavirus outbreaks, all in the province of Lleida: Pere Serret (Montellà i Martinet), Portella Blanca (Lles de Cerdanya) and Sant Bonifaci (Vinaixa). These schools are rural and their closure affects 60 students in total. The Department of Education affirms that “throughout the course no school or institute has been closed” and that “the few closed centers have been nurseries and some small rural schools.”

According to data from the Generalitat, since September 14, 2020, when classes began completely in person in Catalonia, there have been 81,705 positives in educational centers. 88.5% of this type of case have been students, 72,299, specifically; another 8,739 have been teachers, administrative personnel and educational attention personnel, and another 667 have been members of external personnel.

The Department of Education affirms that more than one and a half million PCRs have been carried out in the school environment, both for the diagnosis and for the study of contacts. Regarding the number of cases of covid-19 within the classrooms, a spokesperson for Education affirms that in most cases there has only been one positive within each group of stable coexistence. The information on cases in educational centers is obtained by emptying the data that each educational center enters the Traçacovid application, so there may be some time lag.


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