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VET teachers who do not have a university degree will join a new teaching body


A Vocational Training class at an institute in Alicante in March.
A Vocational Training class at an institute in Alicante in March.JOAQUIN BY HARO RODRIGUEZ

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, announced this Wednesday a stable solution for technical Vocational Training teachers who do not have a university degree. The teachers, belonging to a dozen specialties such as Cooking and Pastry, Hairdressing, Aesthetics or Vehicle Maintenance, will be integrated into a new body of teaching staff, which will exist on a stable basis, and will continue to teach, more practical and based on experience , of some activities that do not have a university degree of reference.

The new Education law, the Lomloe, contains a historical claim by VET teachers, consisting of being equated with their peers who teach in ESO and Baccalaureate. To benefit from the promotion, which means going from group A2 to A1 of the public employee ladder, you must have a university degree. The majority of VET teachers, some 24,100, meet the requirement. But those who do not have a career have mobilized in recent months, concerned by the fact that their figure, that of technical professors of VET, is declared to be extinguished in the new law.

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Education had advanced that a solution would be given for these teachers and Celaá, who has described them as “essential”, has specified it this Wednesday. The teachers of these 10 specialties will join a new body, that of Specialist Teachers in unique sectors of Vocational Training.

Professors without a university degree in Cooking and Pastry will join him; Service of restauration; Esthetic; Barber Shop; Manufacture and installation of carpentry and furniture; Vehicle maintenance; Machining and machine maintenance; Pattern and confection; Production of graphic arts, and Welding.

“We need the talents and knowledge of all teachers and trainers,” said Celaá in the Education Commission of the Congress, “to maximize each talent that goes through Vocational Training.” The new body, which can continue to be accessed with higher-level Vocational Training qualifications, will be embodied in the new Vocational Training law, whose project will be approved in the middle of next month, according to the Government’s forecast.

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